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General Policy

  • Centre will provide nutritious and freshly prepared food to the children, breakfast at 9.30am, lunch at 11.30 am, afternoon light meal at 3.00 pm, and late snacks at 5.30 pm. Week’s menu will be published before the week starts
  • Parents will provide nappies, wipes, spare clothes, bed sheet for sleep time
  • In the interest of the health of every child, parents are advised not to send their sick child to the centre. The same rule applies to the staff as well.
  • For the safety of the child, Drop and pick up will be the responsibility of the parents or authorised guardians.
  • Centre will not administer any medicine to the child unless written permission is provided by the parents and doctor.
  • In case the child falls sick while in the centre, centre will call the parents to pick up the child as soon as possible. We seek cooperation from parents in this regard.

Our beliefs towards the Children & Families

  • Our centre should be inviting and a positive place for all children and families. We shall greet families cheerfully and create displays of children’s work as well as useful information to help families feel welcome at our service.
  • That children should be fully supervised at all times. Together we will ensure that the child/ staff ratio is maintained and that we are actively supervising at all times.
  • Children learn through play, therefore staff will plan and set activities which are valuable to the children’s developmental needs and interests.
  • Our daily routine should suit the needs of the children. We can achieve this by continually updating our routine to suit the needs of the children within our care, making changes where necessary.
  • Children should not be forced to participate in activities or to socialise, however children will be encouraged to form positive relationships with their peers and carers.
  • That all children have the right to express themselves freely through play should have opportunities to discuss their emotions
  • That discussions and meetings with families should occur on a regular basis to discuss children’s development and learning progress.
  • That we should all have realistic expectations of children based on age, ability and interest.
  • All children should be dealt with using patience, encouragement and praise. We will accept that all children are individuals and should never be discriminated against.
  • All children should have equal opportunities to learn. We will assist by providing all children with the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences to aid all areas of their development.
  • We believe that all children should receive praise and encouragement. Therefore we will praise the children’s efforts and encourage them to achieve their full potential.
  • We believe that opportunities should be offered for families to extend their knowledge.

Our beliefs towards the centre

  • Our centre should be clean and hygienic. Therefore we will all help maintain the current standard of hygiene.
  • Our service should be safe and secure at all times. By removing hazards, completing safety checklists and closely supervising the children we can ensure the centre is safe for all children.

We will also strive to be consistent in the following

  • To keep the centre bright we will create visually appealing displays of art work and children’s projects to stimulate children’s creativity, imagination and also provide inspiration
  • To keep the centre in good condition for learning, we will make sure the centre is well lit, by opening curtains, turning on lights etc.
  • To give all children equal opportunities we will ensure when setting activities that there are a wide variety of choices and enough toys for all children.
  • We will encourage all families to have input into the centre, as we believe that families are a valuable asset to our centre and should be included in their child’s life at the centre. Therefore all ideas and opinions expressed by families should be considered and appreciated

An ISO 9001:2008 certified day care