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A Teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow's dream. A Big Thank you to all the Twinkling Star Staff and Jyoti Mam for their selfless and profound guidance in building children's tomorrow. TS is my daughter's first school of learning and she will cherish all the beautiful moments spent with all the teachers staff and her pals.

Tanu Singhal, Parent of Radhika

One of the best and most suitable kindergarten startup school for young Noida.. my kid had wonderful experience with this place.. . The concepts and methods of teaching r excellent and very easy for young kids to grasp at their little minds....very friendly ,learning & hygienic atmosphere.... They also help kids to be social and training dining etiquettes and Friday pool dance..and by organising various cultural and co curricular activities... + Also arranged health awareness and nutrition camp for kids and parents.. My kid enjoyed his first school ..and best part is" this school has prepared my kid to love his school."

Dolly, Parent of Tathagat

We are the proud parents

Hi Everyone, We are the proud parents of Arnav Bhal. We both are the entrepreneur in the field of Interior designing and construction. When we were looking for a "Day Care", we visited lot of the same like Mothers pride, Serra etc. But we were not comfortable as we were not finding a positive and caring atmosphere for Arnav. While searching, we came to now about" Twinkling star "through Google. After Visiting and had a discussion with Mrs. Jyoti Kumar, we were well satisfied and comfortable to enrol my child. Arnav was only 10 months when he joined his new family. We were relieved of our worries, as the staff was so caring and protective. Even Arnav did his"first Walk there". We did one of the best decision for him as TS focuses on the core attributes of the development of my child. Now Arnav is 2.5 years and he knows almost all the things which the other child of the same age still don't know. We are very thankful to Jyoti Mam and their team to give my child Social, Educational, Physical and Emotional development. And we really wish the TS will grow ON.......

Neha Jain Bhal, Parent of Master Arnav Bhal

A day-care with a positive environment

My son is going to twinkling star since past 1.5 years and he has been liking the place a lot. He enjoys and learns a lot with his friends and teachers here and they really know how to keep kids busy. They keep introducing so many toys, books and puzzles which has helped them to increase their learning curve and enhance their motor skills and I have had to hardly put any effort with him to prepare him for the school admission interviews, he was way ahead ready for it without any extra effort. TS is playing a major role in preparing kids for the future and turn them into a responsible and smart individuals and above all it has made me worry less even when is he away from me. Due to all the grooming and attention our son has got into DPS Noida, all in all am very happy with twinkling star.

Deepika, Parent of Abir

The kindness & support is here

When my baby turned two and we were desperately looking for a day care center with a positive environment, accidentally got to know about Twinkling Star. We were relieved of our worries and not at piece that there is someone looking after my son with as much care and caution as I would do. Not only he is going to day care, but also is learning so many things. He keeps me surprising with his knowledge every other day. I was pleasantly shocked when at 2 years and 6 months he could say colours of the rainbow in order and his saying 'excuse me' at the right moment is absolutely amazing..........This can happen only at twinkling star, under the supervision of you Jyoti ma'am. Thanks a lot.

Tanvi Atry, Parent of Vihaan Dutta

A caring & loving environment

Thank you so much for all your kindness and support over the last 2 years. Emilia really had a great experience whilst in your care. Your kind and nuturing attitude towards her was incredible and she always looked forward to seeing you every day.

Yostina Ghaly, Parent of Emilia


Every child feels happy & loves being here

What a lovely and positive environment this child care centre has, as soon as I enter to pick Arin, all my stress is gone in a minute seeing the very happy faces of children and my son. Must say that Jyoti mam has built an excellent system and I can leave Arin with her whole day without any worries. She is extremely caring and loving towards children and I learn something from her each day just seeing the way she deals so efficiently with children. Much more success to you mam .

Kirti Singhania, Parent of Arin Agrawal


A safe environment for your child

My daughter joined Twinkling star when she was only 18 months old. Initially, it’s very hard for me to leave her in a day care as it’s not easy to trust anyone else for your child. But, Thanks to all staff members of twinkling star who provides a deep care of samaira. She feels happy and enjoys being there. She learns a lot of things from ABC to colors to 123 to rhymes. I've seen a huge difference in her. I also love the children activities and involvement of parents on different occasions. Samaira love her school.

Anupriya, Parent of Samaira

Love & care for your child here

Etain went into day care from 11 months, we do not have extended family in Australia, so Jyoti was Etain's first contact with an adult outside of our family. She thrived from the beginning, Etain loved Jyoti, she felt she was in a safe environment

Jude Mc CArthy, Parent of Etain


A safe environment for child

Once again Maddie and I will miss you dearly. Thank you for all your love and care for my little girl. She will be sad not to see you every week. I do wish you all the best for the future and if you ever return to Sydney to visit please let us know... Take care and thanks for all.

Louise O Sullivan, Parent of Maddie